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- Since 1992 -

Adobe Springs Water Co.

High pH / High Magnesium / High Health

Natural Pure California Mineral-Spring Water


Adobe Mountain Mineral Water Crop_edited



Adobe Springs is California's only mineral-spring water source. High magnesium content with a high pH and low sodium content makes it perfect for drinking daily.

Located approximately 90 miles southeast of San Francisco, in Stanislaus County, California. The spring is situated in scenic Del Puerto Canyon, known for its rugged landscapes and rolling hills, providing a beautiful natural contrast to the urban bustle of the San Francisco Bay Area.

At Adobe Springs, we prioritize safety, sustainability and quality above all. Our water undergoes rigorous testing regularly to ensure it meets the highest standards of purity.

See a copy of our water quality report HERE

We invite you to visit Adobe Springs and enjoy our natural mineral water directly from the source, free of charge. This community initiative allows everyone to experience the refreshing taste and health benefits of our water.

Visit us at 19000 Del Puerto Canyon Rd. Patterson CA 95363

Adobe Springs Water Co

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